Toby Thompkins, Founder, SAFIOO, LLC




Mr. Thompkins is the founder of SAFIOO, LLC., ( a mobile-first, artificially intelligent, leadership development platform that crowdsources leadership wisdom, knowledge, data and experience to develop and inspire leaders who are facing important real-time business and social challenges ( He has over 30 years of experience working across corporate, for-profit, nonprofit, government and international development sectors as a senior level executive, organizational development consultant, executive coach, and author. Toby has worked in the USA, Africa, Europe, and Latin America with a broad range of leaders including CEOs, Heads of State, philanthropists, country managers, clergy, grassroots activists, advocates, traditional leaders, artists and musicians. Toby strives to enable leaders, communities, and nations who are facing dramatic business, social, and cultural change to take positive actions that yield sustainable impact. Whether he is facilitating the implementation of multi-sector collaborative strategies to reverse the negative consequences of surface gold mining in local and traditional communities in West Africa, or working with Afro-Brazilian racial justice activists and a large U.S. Foundation to establish the first Afro-Brazilian endowed foundation, he possesses a proven ability to engage others in stirring self-reflection and bullet proof strategies that position leaders and their teams to produce a collective impact. 

Additionally, as an author, Toby has contributed to global south thought leadership on topics including, generating new leadership narratives to promote good governance in African cities, social transformation strategies for The New Majority, and his most inspired work called “Beautiful Leadership,” a new leadership paradigm for emerging market millennial leaders. Inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela, “Beautiful Leadership” is a leadership development curriculum and cultural change paradigm based on the five recurring characteristics of high performing, high impact social change leaders. Toby possesses an M.P.A., and an undergraduate degree in psychology and political science. He is a 2016 Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellow. He splits his time between Miami, Florida, New York City, and Lisbon, Portugal.