A Focus on Beauty in Leadership

Beautiful Leadership™ (BL) is a leadership development framework based on the five recurring characteristics of high-impact, social change focused leaders. Together these characteristics produce an overarching leadership character we call Beauty.” Inspired by the leadership journey of Nelson Mandela, Beauty refers to the demonstrated ability of a leader to consistently make decisions and actions that produce a positive business, social, environmental, and humanitarian impact.

Toby Thompkins developed BL after researching how “beauty” functions in nature, its role in social innovation, and through interviews with socially conscious, impact-focused leaders from the for-profit and non-profit sectors. These five recurring characteristics of a Beautiful Leader are evident in the way a person leads, in the results they produce, and in the difference they make.

If you are interested in bringing Beautiful Leadership to your organization, we offer executive coaching, board development, organizational culture assessment, and training and development.  Please contact me at Toby@SAFIOO.com or directly by phone at (212) 498-9141.